Easy steps to insure your balloons last longer.

Try and look after your balloons by handling them with care. Almost like a baby! This helps to prevent bursting your balloons.

Remember that helium balloons react to heat and cold temperatures. So in the heat it expands and therefore potentially burst the balloon and in the cold it contracts and therefore may not float for long or very well. So always try and leave your balloons in room temperature.

Putting balloons in bags helps to transport your balloons safely. It’s easier to manoeuver with it and also you can keep them from touching sharp objects. Place balloons in the back seat not the boot this prevents unnecessary bursting.

When driving with balloons in the car, make sure you leave the windows slightly open to ensure heat does not build up inside or it may burst your balloons.

Also remember it takes only the smallest of scratches to a foil / bubble balloon for it to lose helium inside the balloon. Sometimes people think that there was not enough helium in the balloon in the first place but let us reassure you that we use regulators to fill the balloons to the max. It stops automatically therefore perfect all the time.

Latex balloons only last around 12 hours unless you have them treated with Ultra Hi – Float. This extends the floating time of your balloons to a few days (between 2 – 5 days.) As for bubble balloons these float on average 5 days but can last longer based on room temperature. Foil balloons float on average 7 days but can last longer based on room temperature.

Remember the more you touch the balloons the less likely to stay floating long so once you placed your balloons leave them there to enjoy.

Ultimately please remember that once it leaves the store it is your responsibility to look after them. Unfortunately we will NOT be able to replace them.

  • 1 Large Balloon Bag holds =  2 Large Helium Balloons / 8 Foil Balloons / 10 Latex Balloons
  • 1 Small Black Bag holds =  1 Medium Balloon /  2 Foil Balloons / 3 Latex Balloons



Hope this helps you to enjoy your Balloons!

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